Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#keepemwet is #keepemstupid

The whole #keepemwet thing is a joke. Anyone who has that much "respect" for the fish, that they can't take it out of the water to remove the hook or snap a photo - shouldn't be SPENDING THEIR OFF DAYS JAMMING RAZOR SHARP HOOKS INTO FISH'S MOUTHS AND YANKING THEM FROM THEIR WORLD, MAKING THEM FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES ( so far as the fish knows.) If you are that worried about the state of each and every fish, you are too much of a snowflake to be fishing. 

Burn your rods, run your reels over with your car, give your lures and hooks and $500 coolers to charity and TAKE UP GOLF. You can call me a redneck or uneducated ( you'd be wrong, but feel free...) or whatever you want, but this ridiculous and scientifically UNFOUNDED notion that a fish shouldn't be held out of the water for a few seconds and be released is about as stupid a thing as the fly fishing world has come up with yet - and I've lived through the demonization of felt soles and the rumblings of "hookless fishing!" So enough. ENOUGH. STOP IT. 

You aren't hurting the fish any worse by holding it up for a photo, than you are catching it in the first place. You're making yourself feel better about molesting fish by pretending that if you just keep it underwater, it's like it never happened. WELL, tell that to the fish! You snowflake liberal commie yellow bellied eco-nuts are just about to get on my last nerve.

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  1. A little irked are we? Personally I don't think it's taking it out of the water or taking a photo that kills the fish, it's the idiots that grab it with a dry hand, squeeze the snot out of it (do fish have snot?)and then throw it back. If you're going to release it, just try to keep the stress to a minimum. After all, the proof is in the picture.